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Embedding videos

Modified 2018-06-24 by Andrea Censi

It is possible to embed Vimeo videos in the documentation.

Do not upload the videos to your personal Vimeo account; they must all be posted to the Duckietown Engineering account.

This is the syntax:

<dtvideo src="vimeo:vimeo ID"/>

For example, this code:

<figure id="example-embed">
    <figcaption>Cool Duckietown by night</figcaption>
    <dtvideo src="vimeo:152825632"/>

produces this result:

The video is at https://vimeo.com/152825632.

Cool Duckietown by night

Depending on the output media, the result will change:

  • On the online book, the result is that a player is embedded.
  • On the e-book version, the result is that a thumbnail is produced, with a link to the video;
  • (future improvement) On the dead-tree version, a thumbnail is produced with a QR code linking to the video.

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