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The Fall 2017 Duckietown experience

Modified 2017-10-16 by hchengwang

This is the first time that a class is taught jointly across 3 continents!

There are 4 universities involved in the joint teaching for the term:

  • ETH Zürich (ETHZ), with instructors Emilio Frazzoli, Andrea Censi, Jacopo Tani.
  • University of Montreal (UdeM), with instructor Liam Paull.
  • TTI-Chicago (TTIC), with instructor Matthew Walter.
  • National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), with instructor Nick Wang.

This part of the Duckiebook describes all the information that is needed by the students of the four institutions.

At ETHZ, UdeM, TTIC, the class will be more-or-less synchronized. The materials are the same; there is some slight variation in the ordering.

Moreover, there will be some common groups for the projects.

The NCTU class is undergraduate level. Students will learn slightly simplified materials. They will not collaborate directly with the other classes.

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