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Logistics for Chicago branch

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This section describes information specific to TTIC and UChicago students.

Modified 2017-09-22 by Matthew Walter

The course website provides a copy of the syllabus, grading information, and details on learning objectives.

Modified 2017-09-25 by Andrea Censi

Classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am-11am in TTIC Room 530. In practice, each class will be divided into an initial lecture period (approximately one hour), followed by a lab session.

The class schedule is maintained as part of the TTIC Class Diary, which includes details on lecture topics, links to slides, etc.

Modified 2017-10-12 by Matthew Walter

The following is taken from the course syllabus:

The class will assess your grasp of the material through a combination of problem sets, exams, and a final project. The contribution of each to your overall grade is as follows:

  • 20%: Problem sets
  • 10%: Checkoffs
  • 20%: Participation
  • 50%: Final project (includes report and presentation). The projects will be group-based, but we will assess the contribution of each student individually.

See the course syllabus for more information on how the participation and final project grades are determined.

Modified 2017-10-12 by Matthew Walter

The following is taken from the course syllabus:

Late problem sets will be penalized 10% for each day that they are late. Those submitted more than three days beyond their due date will receive no credit.

Each student has a budget of three days that they can use to avoid late penalties. It is up to the student to decide when/how they use these days (i.e., all at once or individually). Students must identify whether and how many days they use when they submit an assignment.

It is not acceptable to use code or solutions from outside class (including those found online), unless the resources are specifically suggested as part of the problem set.

You are encouraged to collaborate through study groups and to discuss problem sets and the project in person and over Slack. However, you must acknowledge who you worked with on each problem set. You must write up and implement your own solutions and are not allowed to duplicate efforts. The correct approach is to discuss solution strategies, credit your collaborator, and write your solutions individually. Solutions that are too similar will be penalized.

Modified 2017-09-25 by Andrea Censi

Duckietown labs will take place at TTIC in the robotics lab on the 4th floor.

Note: TTIC and U. Chicago students in Matthew Walter’s research group use the lab as their exclusive research and office space. It also houses several robots and hardware to support them. Please respect the space when you use it: try not to distract lab members while they are working and please don’t touch the robots, sensors, or tools.

Modified 2017-09-22 by Matthew Walter

Duckietown is a collaborative effort involving close interaction among students, TAs, mentors, and faculty across several institutions. The local learning assistants (LAs) at TTIC are:

  • Andrea F. Daniele (
  • Falcon Dai (
  • Jon Michaux (
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