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The following roster shows the teaching staff.

TODO: point to the roster on the website

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TODO: point to the roster on the website

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Staff: To add yourself to the roster, or to change your picture, add a YAML file and a jpg file to the duckiefleet-fall2017 repository. in the people/staff directory.

The Activity Tracker

Modified 2017-10-01 by Andrea Censi

Link to Activity Tracker

The sheet called “Activity Tracker” describes specific tasks that you must do in a certain sequence. Tasks include things like “assemble your robot” or “sign up on Github”.

The difference between the Areas sheet and the Task sheet is that the Task sheet contains tasks that you have to do once; instead, the Areas sheet contains ongoing activities.

In this sheet, each task is a row, and each person is a column. There is one column for each person in the class, including instructors, TAs, mentors, and students.

You have two options:

  • Only use the sheet as a reference;
  • Use the sheet actively to track your progress. To do this, send a message to Kirsten with your gmail address, and add yourself.

Each task in the first column is linked to the documentation that describes how to perform the task.

The colored boxes have the following meaning:

  • Grey: not ready. This means the task is not ready for you to start yet.
  • Red: not started. The person has not started the task.
  • Blue: in progress. The person is doing the task.
  • Yellow: blocked. The person is blocked.
  • Green: done. The person is done with the task.
  • n/a: the task is not applicable to the person. (Certain tasks are staff-only.)

The Areas sheet

Modified 2017-09-23 by Andrea Censi

Please familiarize yourself with this spreadsheet and bookmark it in your browser.

The sheet called “Areas” describes the points of contact for each part of this experience. These are the people that can offer support. In particular, note that we list two points of contact: one for America, and one for Europe. Moreover, there is a link to a Slack channel, which is the place where to ask for help. (We’ll get you started on Slack in just a minute.)

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