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Slack Channels

Modified 2017-09-11 by Andrea Censi

This page describes all of the helpful Slack channels and their purposes so that you can figure out where to get help.


Modified 2017-09-24 by Jacopo Tani

You can also easily join the ones that you are interested in by clicking the links in this message.

Duckietown Slack Channels
Channel Purpose
help-accounts Info about necessary accounts, such as Slack, Github, etc.
help-assembly Help putting your robot together
help-camera-calib Help doing the intrinsic and extrinsic calibration of your camera
help-duckuments Help compiling the online documentation
help-git Help with git
help-infrastructure Help with software infrastructure, such as Makefiles, unit tests, continuous integration, etc.
help-laptops Help getting your laptop setup with Ubuntu 16.04
help-parts Help getting the parts for the robot or replacement parts if you broke something
help-robot-setup Help getting the robot setup to do basic things like be driven with a joystick
help-ros Help with the Robot Operating System (ROS)
help-wheel-calib Help doing your odometry calibration

Note that we can link directly to the channels. (See list in the org sheet.) -AC

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