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Demo instructions Fleet Communications

Modified 2018-05-27 by Andrea Censi

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TODO for Jacopo Tani: fix spelling and grammar, move to operation manual section

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This is the description of a communication setup between multiple Duckiebots.

At least two Duckiebots in configuration DB17-w or higher.

One additional wireless adapter per Duckiebot and laptop. (e.g. TP-Link TL-WN822N or TL-WN821N).

A laptop.

Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2018-02-28 by tanij

For this Demo, no Duckietown is needed.

For this demo, additional wireless adapters are needed that allow mesh networking (e.g. TP-Link TL-WN822N or TL-WN821N).

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2018-02-28 by tanij

This pre-flight checklist describes the steps that ensure that the installation and demo will run correctly:

Check: The additional Wifi adapter is installed and works.

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-generic dkms git
$ git clone
$ sudo dkms add ./rtl8192eu-linux-driver
$ sudo dkms install rtl8192eu/1.0

Check: Duckiebots have sufficient battery charge.

Demo setup

Modified 2018-02-28 by tanij

Some packages are needed to enable the communication beween the Duckiebots, namely Protobuf, ZeroMQ and B.A.T.M.A.N.

To install them, ssh into the Duckiebots and source the environment

$ cd duckietown
$ source

pull the necessary files from devel-distributed-est-master.

Then find the name of the wifi interface you want to use with iwconfig. (eg. wlx7c8bca1120e0).

$ iwconfig

Next specify a static IP adress and subnet and write it on a piece of paper, be carefull to not use the same IP on two bots. However, the subnet should stay the same on all bots. (eg.

Change to dependecie directory

$ cd ~/duckietown/catkin_ws/src/30-localization-and-planning/fleet_messaging/dependencies

and install everything with one handy script!

$ ./install_fleet_messaging <wifi-iface> <ipaddr>

Now you need to alter your network config, for this open the interfaces file:

$ sudo vim /etc/network/interfaces

Change all four instances of wlan0 to wlan1.

After a reboot you are ready to make your Duckiebots talk to each other.

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-04-29 by Andrea Censi

To run the demo ssh into the bots, then in your duckietown repository run:

$ source

$ roslaunch fleet_messaging tester.launch

and enjoy the show!

Demo video

Demo failure demonstration

Modified 2018-02-28 by tanij


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