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Coordination with Implicit Communication

Modified 2018-06-05 by tanij

Implicit coordination of traffic at an intersection comprises the orchestration without any form of explicit communication of the entities involved, such as traffic lights or signs, in-vehicle signalization or vehicle-to-vehicle (to-infrastructure) communication systems. Thus, the outcome of such mechanism is to produce an accurate inference of when it is safe to progress with a crossing maneuver.

As of today, Duckietown exhibits a less complex environment -compared to real-life situations- where the only mobile entities are Duckiebots. This simplification provides a favorable scenario to explore techniques at different levels of complexity which could be incrementally built to produce algorithms and heuristics applicable to more convoluted scenarios.

Predicting traffic behavior at an intersection depends on accurately detect and track the position of each object as the preamble of applying prior information (traffic rules) for predicting the sequence of expected actions of each element. Hence, the conception of a mechanism that implicitly coordinates the individual behavior of a Duckiebot under such circumstances comprises the research, design, and implementation of components capable of producing the required data for this outcome.

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