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Interlude: Ergonomics

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

Andrea Censi

So far, we have been spelling out all commands for you, to make sure that you understand what is going on.

Now, we will tell you about some shortcuts that you can use to save some time.

in the future you will have to debug problems, and these problems might be harder to understand if you rely blindly on the shortcuts.

Time: 5 minutes.

You will know about some useful shortcuts.

SSH aliases

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

Instead of using

$ ssh username@robot name.local

You can set up SSH so that you can use:

$ ssh my-robot

To do this, create a host section in ~/.ssh/config on your laptop with the following contents:

Host my-robot
    User username
    Hostname robot name.local

Here, you can choose any other string in place of “my-robot“.

Note that you cannot do

$ ping my-robot

You haven’t created another hostname, just an alias for SSH.

However, you can use the alias with all the tools that rely on SSH, including rsync and scp.

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