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Preparing the power cable (only DB17)

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

In configuration DB17 we will need a cable to power the DC motor HAT from the battery. The keen observer might have noticed that such a cable was not included in the DB17 Duckiebot parts chapter. Here, we create this cable by splitting open any USB-A cable, identifying and stripping the power wires, and using them to power the DC motor HAT. If you are unsure about the definitions of the different Duckiebot configurations, read Unit A-1 - Duckiebot configurations.

It is important to note that these instructions are relevant only for assembling a DB17-wjdc configuration Duckiebot (or any subset of it). If you intend to build a DB17-l configuration Duckiebot, you can skip these instructions.

One male USB-A to anything cable.

A pair of scissors.

A multimeter (only if you are not purchasing the suggested components)

Time: 5 minutes

One male USB-A to wires power cable

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