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DB17: RC control launched remotely

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

Andrea Censi

You can run the joystick demo from the Raspberry Pi. The procedure is documented in Unit A-12 - DB17: Software setup and RC remote control).

You can run the joystick demo from your laptop.

Rebuild the machines files

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

In a previous step you have created a robot configuration file and pushed it to the duckiefleet repo. Now you have to pull duckiefleet on the laptop and rebuild the machines configuration file there.

Start the demo

Modified 2018-06-24 by Andrea Censi

Now you are ready to launch the joystick demo remotely.

Make sure that you can login with SSH without a password. From the laptop, run:

laptop $ ssh username@robot name.local

If this doesn’t work, you missed some previous steps.

Run this on the laptop:

laptop $ source environment.sh
laptop $ roslaunch duckietown joystick.launch veh:=robot name

You should be able to drive the vehicle with joystick just like the last example. Note that remotely launching nodes from your laptop doesn’t mean that the nodes are running on your laptop. They are still running on the Raspberry Pi in this case.

For more information about roslaunch, see [+software_reference#roslaunch]

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