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DB18 Duckiebot Initialization

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

Breandan Considine, Liam Paull

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Breandan Considine, Liam Paull

File book/opmanual_duckiebot/atoms_17_setup_duckiebot_DB17-jwd/1_0_20_duckiebot_initialization-db18.md.

File book/opmanual_duckiebot/atoms_17_setup_duckiebot_DB17-jwd/1_0_20_duckiebot_initialization-db18.md
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last modified by tanij on 2018-09-14 18:07:43

Created by function make in module compmake.jobs.actions.

An SD card of dimensions at least 16 GB.

A computer with an internet connection, an SD card reader, and 16 GB of free space.

A correctly configured Duckiebot SD card in configuration DB18. After assembling the Duckiebot, this will allow you to start it, connect to the internet, and get going.

Because of mathjax bug

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