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Traffic Lights Assembly

Modified 2018-12-20 by Jacopo Tani

Material: Traffic light components. To obtain them contact info@duckietown.org.

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Tools: (strong) wood glue or hot glue gun, tape, double-sided tape.

Traffic light.

Traffic lights are useful to coordinate traffic at intersections. Traffic lights can be used at three or four way intersections. Hardware wise, Traffic lights are Duckiebots without wheels, and a beautiful different chassis.

Reminder: for traffic lights to be recognized by Duckiebots, appropriate signage must be placed at intersections (traffic light traffic sign instead of stop sign).

This section describes the physical assembly and installation of traffic lights.

Components of the traffic light

Modified 2018-12-19 by tanij

Now that you have assembled the traffic light chassis, you are ready to add the electronics.

Parts of a traffic light needed to complete these instructions.

These components are needed for one traffic light:

  • Tube holder with big ground plate
  • Tube holder with small ground plate (Duckietown)
  • Cable with soldered LED strip
  • Joint module (2x)
  • Traffic light LED housing
  • Raspberry Pi base plate
  • Ground module cover (Duckietown)
  • Camera mount
  • Camera mount cover
  • Short tube
  • Medium tube (2x)
  • Long tube with hole at the side
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi shield
  • M2.5x10 MF Nylon spacers (8x)
  • M2.5x8 Nylon screws (4x)
  • SD card with Duckietown software
  • USB cable
  • Ethernet cable

Additionally, the traffic light structure can host:

  • Traffic sign stands (4x)
  • Traffic sign stand supports (4x).

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