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Explicit Coordination

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

This demo allows different Duckiebots to coordinate at an intersection using LED-based communication. It handles three or four way intersections with or without a traffic light.

Duckiebot in configuration DB17-lc

Camera calibration and kinematic calibration completed.

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi


Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

  • When it shows “Event:intersection_go”, the Duckiebot does not move. This problem is related to AprilTags.

Solution: go to config/baseline/pi_camera and change the framerate to 30 instead of 15.

  • [Warning] Topics ‘/![robot name]/camera_node/image/rect’ and ‘/![robot name]/camera_node/raw_camera_info’ do not appear to be synchronized. Solution:
Because of mathjax bug

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