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AMOD18 Fleet Management

Modified 2018-12-27 by Cliff Li

This is a demonstration for running the Duckietown Fleet Management Simulator for comparing different dispatching algorithms in real time. We focus our steps to run a baseline dispatcher with the fplan simulator, which majorly consists of a dynamics engine of duckiebots and a visualization of their output in Rviz.

The Github repository for this demo can be found on https://github.com/duckietown/duckietown-fplan.

Video of expected results

Modified 2018-12-19 by gyani91

The video is at https://vimeo.com/307327906.

Demo: Duckietown Fleet Management Simulator

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-12-19 by maximilien

Running the baseline.

Step 1: Download the duckietown-fplan repository

laptop $ git clone --recursive https://github.com/duckietown/duckietown-fplan

Step 2: Build the duckietown-fplan repository

laptop $ cd duckietown-fplan
laptop $ catkin_make

Step 3: Source the setup file (you can also add this step to your .bashrc)

laptop $ source devel/setup.bash

Step 4: To launch the simulator, visualization, and dummy planner demo

laptop $ roslaunch flock_simulator flock_simulator.launch


Modified 2018-12-19 by gyani91

Symptoms: Collision between duckiebots i and j

duckie-i collided!
duckie-j collided!

Quit with Ctrl+c your terminal session and restart the demo at Step 4

Symptoms: While executing the Step 3 of the demo instructions, if you encounter issues related to the submodule duckietown-visualization, try the following steps.

Check if the submodule was downloaded

laptop $ git submodule update --recursive --remote

Check if the submodule was updated

laptop $ cd src/duckietown-visualization
laptop $ git pull

Check if the submodule is on the correct branch

laptop $ cd src/duckietown-visualization
laptop $ git checkout visualization-fplan
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