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Indefinite Navigation

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

This is the description of the indefinite navigation demo.

Maintainer: Gianmarco Bernasconi

Lane following demo has been successfully launched.

Fully set up Duckietown.

One or more Duckiebot safely navigating in Duckietown.

Video of expected results

Modified 2018-06-24 by Andrea Censi

The video is at https://vimeo.com/247596730.

Demo: indefinite navigation

TODO: add a different video with an up to specification Duckietown.

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TODO: add a different video with an up to specification Duckietown.

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Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

To run this demo, you can setup a quite complex Duckietown. The demo supports normal road tiles, intersections and traffic lights. Make sure that your Duckietown complies with the appereance specifications presented in the Duckietown specs. In particular correct street signaling is key to success of intersections handling.

Duckiebot setup notes

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

One (or possibly more) Duckiebot in setup DB-18.

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

Check: Sufficient battery charge of the Duckiebot.

Check: Duckiebot is properly calibrated.

Demo instructions

Modified 2019-04-10 by gibernas

Follow these steps to run the indefinite navigation demo on your Duckiebot:

Step 1: Power on your bot.

Step 2: Go to the portainer interface on


And check that only the necessary containers are running, namely:


If other containers are running, stop them.

Step 3: Run the base container:

laptop $ docker -H hostname.local run -it --net host --privileged -v /data:/data --name base duckietown/rpi-duckiebot-base:megacity /bin/bash

A shell will open in the new container.

Step 4: Launch the demo in the container by:

duckiebot-container $ source /docker/env.sh
duckiebot-container $ roslaunch duckietown_demos indefinite_navigation.launch

Many nodes need to be launched, so it will take quite some time.

Step 5: In a separate terminal, start a joystick with:

laptop $ dts duckiebot keyboard_control hostname

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