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Intersection Navigation

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

This demo allows you to test the intersection navigation functionality. Your duckiebot will be able to cross intersections all by itself, just like a big duck.

Duckiebot in configuration DB17-jwd.

Camera calibration completed.

Wheel calibration completed.

Duckietown Version 2.0.

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

Follow these steps to run the current solution to the intersection navigation on your Duckiebot:

For the current working version you need to checkout the branch devel-intersection_navigation-jan15:

Step 0: On both the Duckiebot and the laptop switch to the correct branch:

git checkout devel-intersection_navigation-jan15

git pull

Finally source the environment and run :


Step 1: Place your Duckiebot at a four-way intersection just in front of the redline.

Step 2: The current version works with a gain of 0.6. To modify your gain to 0.6 run:

rosservice call /robot name/inverse_kinematics_node/set_gain -- 0.60

Step 3: On the Duckiebot, navigate to the /DUCKIETOWN_ROOT/ directory, run the command:

source environment.sh

make demo-intersection-navigation

If you want to visualize what happens at the intersection when the template is matched, just follow these steps simultaneously with Step 3.

Navigate to the Duckietown folder on the laptop,

cd ~/duckietown

then source the environment,

source environment.sh

set the the ROS master to your vehicle,

source set_ros_master.sh robot name

and finally launch

roslaunch intersection_navigation intersection_visualizer_node.launch robot_name:=robot name

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