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Lane following

Modified 2018-10-20 by Russell

This is the description of lane following demo.

Maintainer: Russell Buchanan

Wheels calibration completed wheel calibration

Camera calibration completed Camera calibration

Joystick demo has been successfully launched Joystick demo)

Video of expected results

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi

Video of demo lane following

Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2018-12-18 by tanij

Assumption about Duckietown:

  • A Duckietown with white and yellow lanes. No obstacles on the lane.
  • Layout conform to Duckietown Appearance Specifications (unknown ref duckietowns/dt-ops-appearance-specifications)
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  • Required tiles types: straight tile, turn tile
  • Additional tile types:3-way/4-way intersection
  • Configurated wireless network for communicating with Duckiebot.
  • Good consistent lighting, avoid natural lighting.

Duckiebot setup notes

Modified 2018-10-20 by Russell

  • Make sure the camera is heading ahead.
  • Duckiebot in configuration DB18-jwd

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2018-10-20 by Russell

  • Turn on joystick (if applicable).
  • Turn on battery of the duckiebot.
  • Place duckiebot in lane so that enough of the lane lines are visible to the camera.
  • Verify you can ping your duckiebot over the network.
  • IMPORTANT Make sure no containers are runing on the duckiebot which use either the camera or joystick. We will run these ROS nodes together in a new container.

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-06-22 by Andrea Censi


Modified 2018-10-20 by Russell

Demo failure demonstration

Modified 2018-10-20 by Russell

The Anti-Instagram performs some self calibrations on startup, but if this happens when the robot cannot see the lane it will be poorly calibrated. This means it won’t see enough lane segments, particularily around curves like in this video. To solve the problem Anti-Instagram needs to be relaunched. In the last part of the video the X button on the joystick is pressed and the Anti-Instagram node gets relaunched. We can see in RVIZ that the number of detected line segments gets increased drastically after the recalibration.

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