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AMOD18 To Be Detected

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

Video and Images of expected results

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

The video is at https://vimeo.com/308298528.

The video shows the result to be expected if the demo is successful.
The expected result is bounding boxes around objects in duckietown.
Another example, notice this one also has the duckiebot.

Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

The Duckietown used for this demo must have the following characteristics.

  • Several duckies placed on the road and at the side of the road.

  • Intersection sign, Stop sign and Signal sign.

  • QR codes on the ground and below the signs mentioned above.

  • Traffic lights at intersections

  • Duckiebots on the road.

No cluttering of objects in one place. Allow enough space between each object. An example image is shown below. See image below for reference.

Another example, notice this one also has the duckiebot.

Duckiebot setup notes

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

No extra setup needed for the duckiebot except put a duckie on top of the duckiebot.(Seriously)

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2018-12-19 by AkbarShah96

The pre-flight checklist for this demo are:

Check: Battery level is sufficient.

Check: Docker Installed.

Check: Joystick container is running.

Check: Rospicam container is running.

Check: Base container is running.

Check: Put on your smartie pants.

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

The following steps must be completed in order to run the object detector on your duckiebot.

If you are lazy, here is a video guiding you through some of the steps.

The video is at https://vimeo.com/308461574.

Demo Instructions

Step 1: When the Duckiebot is powered on, make sure all the containers required are running. In your laptop, run

laptop $ docker -H duckie_bot.local ps

to check whether the right containers are running or not. You can also check by going to the portainer webpage: http://duckie_bot.local:9000/#/containers.

If the required containers are running then skip to Step 4.

The containers that are required for this demo.

Step 2 (Optional): Launch the rospicam container so that we can capture images from the camera of Duckiebot.

laptop $ docker -H duckie_bot.local run -it --name ros-picam --network host  --device /dev/vchiq -v /data:/data Duckietown/rpi-Duckiebot-ros-picam:master18

This command will run a container and create a ros node inside automatically. This ros node will publish the images captured by the camera to a ros topic.

Step 3 (Optional): Launch the base container on the duckiebot.

laptop $ docker -H duckie_bot.local run -it --network host --privileged --name base duckietown/rpi-duckiebot-base:master18 /bin/bash

Step 4: Launch the object detector container.

For this command you need the Duckiebot’s IP address. In order to obtain the Duckiebot IP address, you should ping your Duckiebot in another terminal and note down the IP address of your duckiebot.

laptop $ docker run -it --name object_detection --network host -e ROS_MASTER_URI=http://duckie_bot_IPaddress:11311/  -e DUCKIEBOT_NAME=duckie_bot  -e ROS_HOSTNAME=Name_Of_Your_Computer zgxsin/object_detection:1.7

Notice that we have to set up the ROS_MASTER_URI variable so that the ros nodes can communicate with each other. This command will create a object_detection ros node automatically. It will listen to the camera image topic in step 2 and predict images and send the predicted images to another topic for visualization.

You can replace the 1.7 in the above command with 1.6 to use a model with good accuracy but lower speed. There is a trade off between the two. Incase the version 1.7 is not working for you, please try version 1.6.

Step 5: In another terminal type:

laptop $ dts start_gui_tools duckie_bot

We can check whether everything is working inside this container. (See Tip 1)

After that, run the following command in the container

container $ rqt_image_view

This will pop up a new GUI window. Select the /!duckie_bot]/prediction_images topic from the drop down menu.

Step 6: Move the Duckiebot using the joystick demo to different parts of Duckietown and see the magic. The live feed is a bit slow at the moment so please give it time to update.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

The Duckiebot is not moving.

Make sure that the joystick container is running. Note that the command for launching the joystick was changed to:

laptop $ dts duckiebot keyboard_control duckie_bot

No images recorded.

Make sure that the rospicam container is running.

The ros nodes cannot communicate with each other.

If you are using docker on Mac OSX, there seems to be an issue with the network of docker containers. We recommend to use docker on Ubuntu 16.04. We have tested it and everything is fine.

The storage in the raspberry PI has reached its limit.

Run docker -H duckie_bot.local images to whether dangling images exist and run docker -H duckie_bot.local rmi --force image_ID to remove them.

ERROR: unable to contact ROS master at [http://![Duckiebot_name].local:11311/] The traceback for the exception was written to the log file.

make sure your laptop and Duckiebot are on the same network.

docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name “/object_detection” is already in use by container.

Run the command

  laptop $ docker container rm --force object_detection.

Repeat step 4.

Tip 1: We can check whether everything is working inside object detection container. Run rosnode list to check whether corresponding ros nodes are running. Run rostopic list to check whether the corresponding ros topics exist. You can run other ros-related command to do the check as well.

Tip 2: It is very important that the right containers are working. Double check to make sure.

Demo failure demonstration

Modified 2018-12-27 by AkbarShah96

The video is at https://vimeo.com/308295993.

The video shows the case when the object detector is not behaving as intended.

Failure is not an option sorry.

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