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AMOD18 SemSeg

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

A Duckiebot able to take logs from the camera (a working ros-picam container)

A calibrated camera

A duckietown complying with the usual standards

A laptop with python2, ROS and Docker installed

Bash shell command line

Viewing segmented images from the Duckiebot camera on your laptop

Video of expected results

Modified 2018-12-27 by zxcvfd13502

First, we show a video of the expected behavior (if the demo is successful).


(Please see this link first. We will upload the video to duckiebook later)

Duckietown setup notes

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

A duckietown complying with the usual standards is required. In particular, the segmentation algorithm is designed to work under the following conditions:

  • Uninterrupted white lines complying with standards
  • Yellow (middle) lines complying with standards
  • Only ducks or duckiebots are allowed to be on the road, cones or other objects should be removed as they won’t be detected as obstacles
  • Humans, other animals or objects are only allowed outside of the driving lanes
  • No particular lighting conditions are required

Duckiebot setup notes

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

No special requirements for duckiebots are needed, except the ability of taking logs from the camera.

Pre-flight checklist

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

Check: you have python2 and pip installed

Check: you have ROS installed. Run >>roscore in terminal too check this.

Check: your Duckiebot has to roscore and ros-picam containers running

Demo instructions

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard


Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

Error message:

$ ERROR: unable to contact ROS master at []

The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

—> Check that the roscore container is running on your robot (go on Portainer, refresh the page and start the roscore container) —> ping your robot and check your IP adress again, as it might have changed —> re-enter the command with the right IP address

I followed the guide but nothing happens in the terminal after this line:

$ [INFO] [1545147258.632912]: tf semantic segmentation node started

—> Check that your ros-picam container is running (go on Portainer, refresh the page and activate it)

Demo failure demonstration

Modified 2018-12-20 by eeedWard

Finally, put here a video of how the demo can fail, when the assumptions are not respected.

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