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Duckietown account

Modified 2018-09-27 by Andrea Censi

Andrea Censi

This section describes how to register for the Duckietown account and set up the authentication token.

Internet connection.

About 10 minutes.

Duckietown token correctly set up.

Sign up on the Duckietown website

Modified 2018-09-27 by Andrea Censi

To register on the Duckietown website, go to:


If you are a student, please use your official student email address, so that you can be sorted in the right group.

Find the Duckietown token

Modified 2018-10-04 by Russell Buchanan

The Duckietown Token allows to authenticate your devices to the Duckietown network.

The token is a string of letters and numbers that looks something like this:


To find your token, first login to duckietown.org, then open the page:


It may take up to 5 minutes after first creating your account for a token to be generated.

Tell the Duckietown Shell your token

Modified 2018-09-27 by Andrea Censi

Use the command

laptop $ dts tok set

and follow the prompt.

Then the following command should work:

laptop $ dts challenges info

and give a similar output to:

You are succesfully authenticated.

   name: Your name
  login: username

    uid: user ID
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