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Duckiebot Configurations

Modified 2018-09-25 by liampaull


Knowledge of Duckiebot configuration naming conventions and their respective functionalities.

We define different Duckiebot configurations depending on their time of use and hardware components.

Duckiebot version 2018, or DB18

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

The DB18 is the latest version of the Duckiebot. You have a DB18 Duckiebot if, e.g., you have pledged to the Kickstarter.

There are two configuration of the DB18.

Duckiebot versions 2017, or DB17

Modified 2018-09-27 by Andrea Censi

In the DB17 version, we had several several different configurations.

The configurations are defined with a root: DB17-, indicating the “bare bones” Duckiebot used in the Fall 2017 synchronized course, and an appendix y which can be the union (in any order) of any or all of the elements of the optional hardware set $\aset{O} = \{$w, j, d, p, l, c$\}$.

A DB17 Duckiebot can navigate autonomously in a Duckietown, but cannot communicate with other Duckiebots.

The elements of $\aset{O}$ are labels identifying optional hardware that aids in the development phase and enables the Duckiebot to talk to other Duckiebots. The labels stand for:

  • w: 5 GHz wireless adapter to facilitate streaming of images;

  • j: wireless joypad that facilitates manual remote control;

  • d: USB drive for additional storage space;

  • c: a different castor wheel to replace the preexisting omni-directional wheel;

  • p: PWM hat for convenient powering of the DC motor hat;

  • l: includes LEDs, LED hat, bumpers and the necessary mechanical bits to set the bumpers in place. Note that the installation of the bumpers induces the replacement of a few DB17 components;

During the Fall 2017 course, three Duckietown Engineering Co. branches (Zurich, Montreal, Chicago) are using these configuration naming conventions. Moreover, all institutions release hardware to their Engineers in training in two phases.

For information on acquiring the parts for these older configurations please see DB17-wjd or DB17-wjdlc.

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