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Making your Duckiebot move

Modified 2018-09-28 by Andrea Censi

Breandan Considine, Liam Paull

This page is for the DB18 configuration used in classes in 2018. For last year’s instructions see here.

Laptop configured, according to Unit B-1 - Laptop Setup.

You have configured the Duckiebot as documented in Unit B-5 - Duckiebot Initialization.

You have configured Docker communication as documented in Unit B-7 - Setting up the Docker workflow.

You can make your robot move.

Option 1 - Pure Docker

Modified 2018-09-28 by Andrea Censi

Option 2 - Docker + ROS

Modified 2018-10-17 by Russell Buchanan

Run the base image on the duckiebot:

laptop $ docker -H hostname.local run -it --net host --privileged --name base duckietown/rpi-duckiebot-base:master18 /bin/bash

Then when the container has started

container $  roslaunch duckietown joystick.launch veh:=hostname

You can now use your joystick to move things around

If you have cloned the repo on your laptop and installed ROS, then you can start the keyboard controller interface with

laptop $ make virjoy-hostname

Option 3 - Pure ROS

Modified 2018-09-27 by liampaull

SSH into the Raspberry Pi and run the following from the duckietown directory:

duckiebot $ cd ~/duckietown
duckiebot $ source environment.sh

The environment.sh setups the ROS environment at the terminal (so you can use commands like rosrun and roslaunch).

Now make sure the motor shield is connected.

Run the command:

duckiebot $ make demo-joystick

If there is no “red” output in the command line then pushing the left joystick knob controls throttle - right controls steering.

Close the program using Ctrl-C.

ssh into your robot and run:

duckiebot $ make demo-joystick

Now on your laptop run:

laptop $ make virjoy-hostname

you need to have pygame installed, see the README

not currently supported on Mac OSX

It is possible you will have to unplug and replug the joystick or just push lots of buttons on your joystick until it wakes up. Also make sure that the mode switch on the top of your joystick is set to “X”, not “D”.

XXX Is all of the above valid with the new joystick?

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XXX Is all of the above valid with the new joystick?

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