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Intersection troubleshooting

Modified yesterday by gibernas

If your Duckiebot does not yield satisfactory results in intersection navigation, you might want to tune the related parameters. Basically the unicorn_intersection_node (long story for the name) is a mixture of open loop commands and a re-use of the lane filter. During the intersection, namely when the Duckiebot is in the FSM state INTERSECTION_CONTROL, the color perception of lines is changed. As a simple example if the goal is to go straight, the red lines will be perceived as white, so that it will be possible to follow the right white line. On top of this there are a few open loop commands that are used to help the Duckiebot face the correct direction. These parameters are stored in


You can change them online (while the demo is running) by using:

 duckiebot-container $ rosparam set your_parameter your value

You can see all the parameters by running:

duckiebot-container $ rosparam list

And check the value of a specific one using:

duckiebot-container $ rosparam get param name

The ones you might want to modify are the feed-forward parts, stored in ff_left, ff_right and ff_straight. These parameters modify the output $\omega$ (angular velocity, positive in counterclockwise direction) for the time given in time_left_turn, time_straight_turn and time_right_turn, which you might want to change aswell.

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