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Charging module

Modified 2018-09-01 by ThomasAckermann

For the construction of a charging module, you have many degrees of freedom. This includes the choice of material of the wooden structure (may be metal as well), the type of connection between the structure elements (screws, glue, nails), the length of the cables and many more.

However, the following requirements need to be satisfied:

In the following, you find the description on how we did it in Zurich.

Material for one charging module Section 4.1 - Material for one charging module

Extra tools for assembling Section 4.2 - Extra tools

A charging module for charging Duckiebots Figure 4.2.

Assembly a charging capable Duckiebot with a current collector Unit C-8 - Current collector.

A resulting charging module during operation.

Material for one charging module

Modified 2018-09-01 by ThomasAckermann

In this list, $X$ will denote the number of charging rail tiles in a charging module. Reminder: One charging rail tile can fit $3$ Duckiebots ($1.5$ per lane).

  • $8 \times$ brass rod $Ø4mm$, length ($10cm + X \times 59cm$)
  • $(X + 1)$ $\times$ wooden structure top piece ($2 \times 2 \times 90cm$)
  • $(2 \times (X + 1))$ $\times$ wooden structure side piece ($2 \times 2 \times 20cm$)
  • $(2 \times (X + 1))$ $\times$ wooden structure floor piece ($10 \times 10 \times 1cm$)
  • $(4 \times (X + 1))$ $\times$ woodscrew for high voltage pole, i.e. screw $Ø3.2 \times 40mm$
  • $(8 \times (X + 1))$ $\times$ screw $M3 \times 30mm$ and $M3$ nuts
  • $(2 \times (X + 1))$ $\times$ insulator - self-print here or order here
  • Drill $Ø4mm$ and $Ø6mm$
  • $2 \times $ power supply which enables you to drive 5V and 30Amps
  • $\frac{1}{per power supply} \times$ power cable
  • $\frac{3}{per power supply} \times$ cable-end-sleeve
  • $18 \times$ cable shoes M4 $Ø4-6mm²$
  • $4 \times$ M4 screw 10mm and M4 Nut
  • $Ø4mm \times 6m$ red cable
  • $Ø4mm \times 6m$ black cable
  • $8 \times$ laboratory plug CAT I Ø4mm

Extra tools

Modified 2018-09-01 by ThomasAckermann

In order to put things together you may need the following extra tools:

  • crimping tool
  • wire stripper
  • hot glue gun
  • solder iron and solder
  • drill
  • screw driver

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