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Current collector

Modified 2018-09-01 by ThomasAckermann

In order to let a Duckiebot charge in a charger, additional hardware is needed. This piece is called the current collector.

Material for a single current collector Section 8.1 - Materials for a single current collector

A charging capable Duckiebot Figure 8.2.

Assembly your maintenance area Unit C-5 - Building a maintenance area

A charging capable Duckiebot.

Materials for a single current collector

Modified 2019-06-06 by Amaury Camus

  • $6 \times$ laboratory plug CAT I Ø4mm
  • $2 \times$ 1mm cable, length 30cm
  • Autolab add-on board
  • If printer available: $5g$ Material for the 3D printer (cutest color is yellow)
  • April tag plate
  • $16 \times$ plastic spacers $M2.5 \times 12mm$ or $4 \times$ spacers $M2.5 \times 50mm$
  • $7 \times$ screw $M2.5 \times 10mm$ and nut $M2.5$
  • Open ended USB cable $20cm$
  • Soldering iron and solder

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