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Autolab minimum requirements

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

A Duckietown up to specifications from the duckietown book.

Your software environment is setup.

Prerequisite recommendation

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

If you are building an Autolab, you are a committed developer of Duckietown. We strongly recommend using Ubuntu 18.04. To set up the computer, follow the instructions here.

We suggest that your workflow for software should follow the standard one, using dt-env-developer. This is a meta repository that aggregates, with the myrepos tool, the different repositories of code that developers use daily. To set it up, follow the README instructions. The rest of this book will assume that you set it up this way, but you could also clone each individual repository on its own and use it as usual.

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

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