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Your first submission

Modified 2018-10-09 by Andrea Censi

This section describes the steps to make your first submission.

Checkout the submission repo

Modified 2018-10-13 by liampaull

and its submission template challenge-aido1_luck-template-python:

$ git clone -b v3 https://github.com/duckietown/challenge-aido1_luck-template-python.git


Modified 2018-10-16 by Andrea Censi

Go to the repository root:

$ cd challenge-aido1_luck-template-python

Submit using:

$ dts challenges submit

What this does is:

  1. Build a Docker container.
  2. Push the Docker container.
  3. Make contact with the challenge server to send your submission.

The expected output is something along the lines of:

Sending build context to Docker daemon  5.632kB
Successfully created submission 23

You can track the progress at: https://challenges.duckietown.org/v3/humans/submissions/23

You can also use the command:

   dts challenges follow --submission 23

Monitor the submission

Modified 2018-10-09 by Andrea Censi

There are 2 ways to monitor the submission:

The first way is to use the web interface, at the URL indicated; in the example, this is:


The second way is to use the dts challenges follow command:

 $ dts challenges follow --submission submission ID

Look at the leaderboard

Modified 2018-10-16 by Andrea Censi

The leaderboard is available at the URL


Local evaluation

Modified 2018-10-19 by Andrea Censi

You can also evaluate the submission locally. This is useful for debugging and development.

Use this command:

$ dts challenges evaluate

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