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Make a submission

Modified 2019-04-14 by Liam Paull

This section describes the steps to make your first submission.

Checkout the submission repo

Modified 2019-04-11 by Liam Paull

Check out the competition template challenge-prediction:

$ git clone  https://github.com/duckietown/challenge-prediction


Modified 2019-04-04 by Andrea Censi

Go to one of the sample submissions:

$ cd challenge-prediction/predictor_last

Submit using:

$ dts challenges submit

What this does is:

  1. Build a Docker container.
  2. Push the Docker container.
  3. Make contact with the challenge server to send your submission.

The expected output is something along the lines of:

Sending build context to Docker daemon  5.632kB
Successfully created submission 23

You can track the progress at: https://challenges.duckietown.org/v4/humans/submissions/NNN

You can also use the command:

   dts challenges follow --submission NNN

Monitor the submission

Modified 2019-04-04 by Andrea Censi

There are 2 ways to monitor the submission:

The first way is to use the web interface, at the URL indicated.

The second way is to use the dts challenges follow command:

 $ dts challenges follow --submission submission ID

Look at the leaderboard

Modified 2019-04-17 by Liam Paull

The leaderboard for this challenge is available at the URL


In general all of the challenge leader boards can be viewed through the challenges website.

Local evaluation

Modified 2018-10-19 by Andrea Censi

You can also evaluate the submission locally. This is useful for debugging and development.

Use this command:

$ dts challenges evaluate

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