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Software requirements

Modified 2018-10-09 by Andrea Censi

This section describes the required software to participate in the competition.


Modified 2019-04-11 by Liam Paull

We require Python 3.6 or higher. For instructions for how to install Python 3.6 or higher, see here.

Supported Operating Systems

Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij


Modified 2018-10-12 by Andrea Censi

Install Docker from these instructions.


Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij

We are sure you already have set Git up.

Duckietown Shell

Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij

Install the Duckietown Shell by following the Installation instructions in the README.

Make sure it is installed by using:

$ dts version

Authentication token

Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij

Set the Duckietown authentication token using this command:

$ dts tok set

This command checks that you have a good authentication token:

$ dts challenges info

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