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The Duckietown Platform

Modified 2019-04-14 by Liam Paull

This section focuses on the infrastructure and background of the embodied individual robotic challenges as outlined in the challenge overview.

For examples of Duckiebot driving see a set of demo videos of Duckiebots driving in Duckietown.

The actual embodied challenges will be described in more detail in LF, LF, LFVI. Note that the sequence challenges was chosen to gradually increase the difficulty of challenges by extending previous challenge solutions to more general situations.

The Duckietown Platform

Modified 2019-04-15 by tanij

There are three main parts in our system with which the participants will interact:

  1. Simulation and training environment, which allows to test in simulation before trying on the real robots.

  2. Remote “robotariums” in which to try the code in controlled and reproducible conditions.

  3. Physical Duckietown platform (Figure 1.2): miniature vision-based vehicles and cities in which the vehicles drive. The robot hardware and environment are rigorously specified, which makes the development extremely repeatable (For an example of this see “Duckietown specifications”. If you have a Duckiebot then you will want to refer to the Duckiebot manual. If you would like to acquire a Duckiebot please go to duckietown.org.

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