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Advanced submission options

Modified 2018-10-09 by Andrea Censi

This section describes additional options for the dts challenges submit command.

submission.yaml file

Modified 2019-04-04 by Andrea Censi

Each submission directory has a file submission.yaml containing the following information:

protocol: protocol # do not change
challenge: challenge name(s)
user-label: optional label
user-payload: optional user payload

You can override these using the command line, as explained below.

Specifying the challenge

Modified 2019-03-27 by Andrea Censi

However you can also pass the name as a parameter --challenge:

$ dts challenges submit --challenge challenge name

The names of the challenges can be seen at this page.


Modified 2018-10-12 by Andrea Censi

You can attach two pieces of metadata to your submission.

  1. A human-readable label for your identification.
  2. A small JSON payload that describes the details of your submission, such as the parameters that you used for your algorithm.

To specify the label, use the option --user-label:

$ dts challenges submit --user-label "My label"

To specify the payload, use the option --user-meta and specify a JSON structure:

$ dts challenges submit --user-meta '{"param":"1"}

Skip Docker cache

Modified 2018-10-12 by Andrea Censi

Use the option --no-cache to avoid using the Docker cache and re-build your containers from scratch:

$ dts challenges submit --no-cache

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