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The Autolab

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

A fully operational Duckietown

A working Autolab

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

The goal of an Autolab is to create a human free, automated environment for Duckiebots. This requires a bit more than just a standard Duckietown to work.

An Autolab can serve different purposes. It is used for research on the Duckietown platform, and is also being used to organize the embodied challenges of AIDO.

The aim of this book is to present:

  • a set of instructions (labeled BUILDING) on how to build an Autolab to current specifications
  • a set of instructions (labeled DEMO) on how to run the Autolab functions or demos
  • a set of guides (labeled SOFTWARE) to the different pieces of software that are used and are under development

Modified 2019-06-28 by Rohit Suri

In each of the following sections you will find the BUILDING, the DEMO and the SOFTWARE pages.

You can find the up-to-date status of each page of the book at the top-right of the page, that will change as we write them down. Please only refer to those marked as either BETA or READY.

Autolabs are currently under development. The naming is not fixed yet, and so the terms “Robotarium” and “Autolab” may have been used interchangeably.

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