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Mounting USB drives

Modified 2018-11-10 by Liam Paull

First plug in the USB drive nothing will work if you don’t do that first. Now ssh into your robot. On the command line type:

duckiebot $ lsusb

you should see your Sandisk USB drive as an entry. Congrats, you correctly plugged it in

duckiebot $ lsblk

Under name you should see sda1, with size about 28.7GB and nothing under the MOUNTPOINT column (if you see something under MOUNTPOINT congrats you are done.

If it is not there already, make the directory to mount to:

duckiebot $ sudo mkdir /data/logs

Next mount the drive

duckiebot $ sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /data/logs -o umask=000

Test by running lsblk again and you should now see /data/logs under MOUNTPOINT

Unmounting a USB drive

Modified 2018-11-10 by Liam Paull

duckiebot $ sudo umount /data/logs
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