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Run an agent on your Duckiebot

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

In this page we will describe how to run your submission on your Duckiebot.

You have a Duckiebot. See here for how to acquire a Duckiebot.

You have built your DB19 or (recommended) DB21 Duckiebot. Evaluations will be performed using DB21 Duckiebots.

You have run a submission on your physical Duckiebot.

The video is at

Running your agent on your Duckiebot tutorial.

Running your AI-DO submission on your robot is currently only supported on Ubuntu (not Mac OSX).

If everything’s setup right, the procedure is very straightforward. But things can be hard to troubleshoot because they involve networking.

There are two basic modes that you can use to run a submission.

Verifying that your Duckiebot is operational

Modified 2020-11-07 by Liam Paull

When you boot your robot it starts to produce camera imagery and wheel encoder data (if it’s moving) and waits for incoming motor commands. To verify that your Duckiebot is fully operational, you should follow Unit C-9 - Operation - Make it Move and Unit C-10 - Operation - Make it See.

You should also ensure that your Duckiebot is well calibrated, both camera and wheels.

Run a local submission on the Duckiebot

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

Go into any valid submission folder (i.e., one where you could run dts submit and you would make a submission) and run:

$ dts duckiebot evaluate --duckiebot_name DUCKIEBOT_NAME

Run an image that is already built on the Duckiebot

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

$ dts duckiebot evaluate --duckiebot_name !{DUCKIEBOT_NAME] --image IMAGE_NAME

Local workflow using the Exercises API

Modified 2021-10-31 by tanij

We have also developed a workflow for submitting exercises in the Duckietown MOOC on EdX that may be useful for your development workflow. Several of the AI-DO templates and baselines are also valid “exercises” and can therefore follow this workflow.