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Instructions Sim2Real

Modified 2020-12-30 by Philippe

Since we implemented three different models for the task, the instruction to reproduce the results of each models are explained in details in each repositories we created/forked.

Dataset Collection

Modified 2020-12-31 by Philippe

Style Transfer

Modified 2021-01-01 by Philippe Reddy


Modified 2020-12-31 by Mo Kleit

Please follow the README file. The link provided in it will lead you to an already prepared notebook (with the dataset already prepared) that simply needs to be run in order to reproduce the results:


Modified 2020-12-31 by Philippe

For UNIT, if you don’t want to go through the tedious task of creating the dataset in the right format by yourself, you simply download those two zip files containing the training and testing set we used to obtain our results.


Moreover, if re-training the model is not needed, you can simply download the following checkpoint: - UNIT-checkpoint-14_epochs_iteration_000460000

Reproduction steps: -