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Modified 2018-09-30 by GarrettWarren

This unit focuses on the Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS is a framework for robot software development that is widely used on both industrial and commercial settings, and is currently the industry standard in research.

Let’s Talk

Modified 2018-09-30 by GarrettWarren

Now that you’re drone is built and all of the hardware is assembled, it’s time to understand how all of the components talk to one another. The majority of this communications challenge is addressed by robot middleware. In the ensuing assignment, you’ll go through a few tutorials to gain exposure to the core concepts of ROS. Before you begin the assignment, read through the ROS section of the Software Architecture portion of the Operations Manual. This document provides a general overview of ROS. Do not worry about understading everything in this section; we are asking you to read it only to expose you to the material you will be covering in the assigment and throughout the course.