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Embedding videos

Modified 2020-09-02 by Andrea Censi

It is possible to embed Vimeo videos in the documentation.

Do not upload the videos to your personal Vimeo account; they must all be posted to the Duckietown Engineering account.

The videos must be public for the embedding to work. If the video is not public the process will fail mentioning the video is not found (true, because it is not public).

This is the syntax:

<dtvideo src="vimeo:vimeo ID"/>

For example, this code:

<figure id="example-embed">
    <figcaption>Cool Duckietown by night</figcaption>
    <dtvideo src="vimeo:152825632"/>

produces this result:

The video is at

Cool Duckietown by night

Depending on the output media, the result will change:

  • On the online book, the result is that a video player is embedded.
  • On the e-book version, the result is that a thumbnail is produced, with a link to the video;
  • (future improvement) On the dead-tree version, a thumbnail is produced with a QR code linking to the video.