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Core DBV2

Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

The repository dt-core-dbv2 contains the new autonomous behaviours added for DBV2. Similarly to dt-core, this container depends upon dt-duckiebot-interface-dbv2 and dt-car-interface-dbv2.

To use this container, follow the directions in Part G - Duckiebot V2 Demos.

Launchfile changes

Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

The master.launch file in dt-core-dbv2 contains only very minor changes from that in dt-core. Specifcally, the following arguments were added:

  • /lane_following/lane_controller_launch_file
  • /vehicle_avoidance/vehicle_avoidance_control_node_launchfile

These arguments allow the DBV2 to replace the original nodes with nodes which provide the same functionality for DBV2. For example, the lane_controller_launch_file is used in 2 different ways: In one case, it is used to provide the DBV2 version of the lane controller which uses the camera. In the other case, it is used to provide the line follower lane control node (Unit F-10 - Line follower lane controller).

This pattern can be extended in the future for other demos which need to replace existing nodes with new ones.