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Duckiebot V2 Demos

Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

A Duckiebot fully setup and calibrated according to Part E - Duckiebot V2 Setup

Learn how to run demos.

The following demos from Daffy for DB18 also work on DBV2:

  • Lane following with vehicle avoidance/following using camera
  • Indefinite navigation

In addition, the following new demos have been added, which use the new sensors on DBV2:

  • Lane following using line following sensors
  • Vehicle avoidance/following using ToF sensors
  • Closed loop speed control using the wheel encoder

Launching demos

Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

All of the demos, including lane following and indefinite navigation, require new launch files. Therefore, the standard procedure for running demos (As described in Unit D-1 - General Demo Running Procedure) will not immediately work for DBV2. Until DTS is updated to cope with this, a different procedure is recommended for DBV2:

Step 1: Use Portainer to make sure car-interface-dbv2 and duckiebot-interface-dbv2 containers are running, and that no containers based on dt-core-dbv2 are running.

Step 2: Launch an interactive Docker container using dt-core-dbv2:

$ docker -H duckiebot name.local run \
  --privileged -it -v /data:/data --name core-dbv2 \
  --network=host --rm 
  duckietown/dt-core-dbv2:daffy-arm32v7 bash

Step 3: Use roslaunch to launch the demo:

$ roslaunch duckietown_demos_dbv2 demo name.launch arguments

The possible values of demo name and arguments will be described in the following sections.