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DBV2 Wheels Driver Node

Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

The wheels driver node for DBV2 is located in dt-core-dbv2/packages/wheels_driver_dbv2.

The wheels driver required the pigpio daemon to be running. This is taken care of in the script for the dt-duckiebot-interface-dbv2 container, but if you run the wheel driver in another context, you will need to first start the pigpio daemon with the command pigpiod.


Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

The wheels driver node functions similarly to the DB18 wheels driver node: It subscribes to the wheels_cmd messages from the kinematics node, and physically controls the motors. However, the difference is that it subscribes to the topic /duckiebot name/wheels_driver_node/wheels_cmd_dbv2, which uses messages of the type WheelsCmdDBV2Stamped. This is necessary because the DBV2 uses one DC motor and one servo, instead of 2 DC motors.


Modified 2020-03-04 by Timothy Scott

  • wheel_distance: Distance between the front and back axles of the car
  • duty_limit: Maximum duty cycle for the servo, in percentage. Use this value to prevent the servo from being overdriven to an angle which is physically prevented by the steering system.