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Software Architecture

Modified 2018-09-11 by Stefanie Tellex

In this section of the textbook, we will introduce you to the software of the drone, and how it interacts with the hardware you put together in the build project. First, we will offer a brief explanation of the Robot Operating System (ROS), and the ways its tools are specifically implemented on the DuckieDrone to create the programs that allow the drone to fly autonomously. Next, we will look at a diagram which provides a visual overview of how all of the components needed to fly the drone fit together. Finally, we will describe each ROS node that is running while the drone flies to convert the data from the sensors into controls to the acuators (the four motors). In doing so, we will look closely at each component to understand its purpose, where it exists in the code, what ROS topics it interacts with, and what hardware it interfaces with.