Welcome to the Duckuments - a place where we keep all of our DUCKumentation. This is where you will find all the instructions for using the Duckietown software and hardware to learn or teach autonomy.

Our documentation is completely open-source and is supported by members of the community, so the content is improved as it evolves. We welcome your help! We've even written a book about how to contribute to the duckumentation to facilitate this collaborative project.

Versions of the library

We release periodic versions of the library (about 1 per year) to accomodate changes to the platform.

  • The current version of the library is daffy .
  • Below are previous versions:

    • DT19DB18 Duckiebot, docker, version from Fall 2019 class and AIDO 2 and 3
    • DT18 DB18 Duckiebot, docker, version from Fall 2018 class and AIDO 1
    • DT17 DB17 Duckiebot, no docker, version from Fall 2017 class
    The upcoming releases are:
    • ente Under development
    • Who should use the library?

      The content was designed for undergraduate+ audience with intermediate coding skills, however we've had enthusiatic high school students complete the curriculum with some guidance.

      How to use the library?

      The content is contained in books which ore organized by bookshelves. Each bookshelf is dedicated to a specific user or task. Each shelf contains a few different books that might be of interest to those users.