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Fleet-level social tasks

Modified 2018-06-17 by Andrea Censi

This section focuses on the infrastructure and background of the fleet-level social tasks as outlined in Section 1.3 - Overview of tasks.

The fleet-level tasks aim to work at a higher level of abstraction than the previous embodied robotic tasks Unit A-3 - Task: Lane following (LF), Unit A-4 - Task: Lane following + Dynamic vehicles (LFV), Unit A-5 - Task: Navigation + Dynamic vehicles (NAV). Picture a city with several already autonomous vehicles. The question now posed at the fleet-level is how to best control vehicles to serve customers.

The actual social tasks will be described in more detail in Unit A-7 - Task: Fleet management in Duckietown (FM), Unit A-8 - Task: Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand on AMoDeus. Note that the sequence tasks was chosen to gradually increase the difficulty of tasks by extending previous task solutions to more general situations.

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