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Acquiring the parts (DB17-jwd)

Modified 2018-09-14 by tanij

The trip begins with acquiring the parts. Here, we provide a link to all bits and pieces that are needed to build a DB17-jwd Duckiebot, along with their price tag. If you are wondering what is the difference between different Duckiebot configurations, read this.

In general, keep in mind that:

  • The links might expire, or the prices might vary.
  • Shipping times and fees vary, and are not included in the prices shown below.
  • International deliveries are subject to additional custom clearances and import fees.
  • Substitutions are OK for the mechanical components, and not OK for all the electronics, unless you are OK in writing some software. Limited technical support will be offered for hardware customizations.
  • Buying the parts for more than one Duckiebot makes each one cheaper than buying only one.
  • For some components, the links we provide contain more bits than actually needed.

Cost: USD 174 + Shipping Fees (minimal configuration DB17)

Time: 15 days (average shipping to the USA for cheapest choice of components)

A kit of parts ready to be assembled in a DB17 or DB17-wjd configuration.

After receiving these components, you are ready to do some soldering before assembling your DB17 or DB17-wjd Duckiebot.

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