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Task: Lane following + Dynamic vehicles (LFV)

Modified 2018-10-12 by Andrea Censi

The second task of the AI Driving Olympics is “Lane following with dynamic vehicles”. This task is an extension of Task LF to include additional rules of the road and other moving vehicles and static obstacles.

Again we ask participants to submit code allowing the Duckiebot to drive on the right-hand side of the street within Duckietown. Due to interactions with other Duckiebots, the task is designed no longer completely reactive. Intersections will be recognized and maneuvered using provided code from the organizers.

The robot used in this task is a Duckiebot as described in Subsection 2.2.1 - Robot. The environment of the task is Duckietown as described in Subsection 2.2.2 - Environment. The main addition to the lane following task is that now obstacles may appear on the road which shall be avoided.

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