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Keywords: Computer Science - Robotics, Computer Science - Systems and Control
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Keywords: image fusion;image motion analysis;Kalman filters;nonlinear filters;inertial sensor data fusion;extended Kalman filter;3D camera tracking;3D egomotion estimation;EKF framework;camera measurements;correction stage;prediction stage;accelerometer data;gyroscope data;3D pose error;3D position tracking accuracy;3D orientation tracking accuracy;simulated data generation method;inertial measurement unit;Cameras;Gyroscopes;Accelerometers;Mathematical model;Equations;Three-dimensional displays;Jacobian matrices;Inertial sensor fusion;Extended Kalman Filter;3D camera tracking;inertial measurement unit;accelerometer;gyroscope;Inertial sensor fusion;extended Kalman filter;3D camera tracking;inertial measurement unit;accelerometer;gyroscope
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