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Interacting with our Curriculum

Modified 2020-09-03 by Garrett Warren

The goal of this subsection is to introduce two tools that will allow students to edit the curriculum. Student involvement in modifying the course documentation is invaluable to its improvement.

The first tool is GitHub, which is a version control software; that is, it is like a folder with files, where each file has a record of all of the changes that have been made to it. The second tool is Markdown, which is the first programming language introduced in this course. Markdown is used to format text. Instead of using the toolbars Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Markdown allows writes to change the style of the text just by using symbols around the text.

The tools introduced in this subsection are very widely used. There are many tutorials on their use, as well. In some lessons, we link to tutorials that introduce the tools better than we could ourselves. If you discover any teaching insights on these topics, please leave a Git issue (taught in this section) to let us know, or add resources that you found useful for students.