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The simple way to edit the documentation

Modified 2020-01-28 by AndreaCensi2

The simplest way to contribute to the documentation is to click any of the “✎” icons next to the headers, in the book itself.

Click on edit button.

They link to the “edit” page in Github. One can make and commit the edits in only a few seconds.

If you are in the Duckietown organization, then you can just “edit” the page then and there. Otherwise, you need to “fork” the repo. Don’t worry, it’s a one click process.

You will land on GitHub

Do your edits where appropriate.

Editing the docs.

You can check the outcome by clicking on Preview changes, note that not all functionalities are visible by the preview. For large changes refer to Unit A-3 - Second method: local editing+docker.

A preview of the changes.

Then after your edits, in the bottom part of the webpage, describe your commit and click on Propose file change. When committing, please choose “create branch”.

Describe and commit.

Then, click on Create pull request, as you probably don’t have rights to push directly.

Create a pull request.

Again you need to confirm that you want to open the pull request.

Confirm a pull request.